In order to meet the challenge of innovation, one needs a rich and varied sense of creative intelligence.
At Kasugai, it's important to harness the energy created from the connection between people and their harmony.


January 1965 Privately established in Tokoname City.
January 1970 Moved to Otaniminamihara to build our first factory.
June 1974 Commercially established with capital of 5,000,000 yen.
June 1979 Increased the capital to 10,000,000 yen.
March 1981 Moved to a nearly location to build our second factory.
October 1991 Moved to another location to build Otani Kougyoudanchi shinkojo.
May 1998 Expanded our operations by building new facilities.

About Us

Company name Kasugai Kanagata Co., Ltd.
Privately established January 1965
Commercially established June 1974
Capital 10,000,000 yen
President Hitoshi Kasugai
Address 105 Sarumame Otani Tokoname-city Aich 479-0806 Japan
Description of business Design and create high precision metal press dies
Progressive die / Transfer die (up to 800t) / Tandem die etc.
Manufacturing production tools
3D laser processing (prototype)
URL http://www.kasugaikanagata.co.jp
E-mail kass4329@sohos.co.jp